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Our classes run on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm - 8.30 pm at Newstead College, Cypress Street Newstead.

2024 Term dates

The Alliance Française de Launceston offers four levels of language classes from complete beginners through to advanced conversational speakers. Classes are conducted by experienced French tutors. Any class level may be repeated for those wishing to consolidate their knowledge.

Class fees


This course is for complete beginners. Please note that it is a sequential course which means that you need to enrol at the start of the year. If you have even the slightest knowledge of French, then it may be possible to join at a later stage of the year.

Continuing Beginner 

This course is for those who have completed the Beginner course, and are looking to take the next step in their French language journey. 


This course is for those continuing to expand their knowledge of French. You need to have solid knowledge of the basics of the language, and be able to conduct a basic conversation with the support of the tutor. 


This conversation-based course is for those who can already speak French with some fluency. There is no formal syllabus.

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Autres possibilités d’apprentissage

Getting involved in a French learning classroom is the absolute best way to learn French in Australia, but you should also be aware of the many other learning resources available online. You could look at some of these top resources between weekly classes or in term breaks.

Apps on your phone

Duolingo is the most downloaded educational app in the world for good reason. It offers users a free gamified language learning experience that is easily accessible on an app on your phone or through a webpage.  

Other notable French learning apps include 


There are several helpful videos on YouTube. Thomas from Français Immersion teaches French using total immersion, with all explanations being given in simple French.  The Learn French Feed has a good bank of lessons on various topics with lots of on-screen text. Easy French is a collection of 'vox pop' topical interviews with people on the street in Paris. Click here for a list of the best French YouTube channels in various categories. 


Use iTunes Podcast or Google Podcast apps to access some great podcasts to listen to and learn on the go. The Duolingo French Podcast is an engaging, high-quality bank of stories from around the Francophone world. The Coffee Break Academy produces Coffebreak French which offers students an effective progressive sequence of 30-minute lessons (the Scottish presenters are delightful).

Streaming media

You can find several native French series or dubbed French shows by searching on Netflix or other subscription services. SBS On Demand requires you to create a free account and you can find French news, films and TV. TV5 Monde Plus is a free French wold service you should also be aware of which streams news, films and TV (no subtitles available).