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Pique-nique de Noel: in English, read Christmas Picnic. We always arrange an end-of year function, sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors. See the publicity about to hit your inbox that should tempt you to visit Evandale’s Pioneer Park for a special November Saturday. While you may wish to bring food and drink, you can take the easy path of paying $20 in advance which will give you a glass of wine, compliments of AFdeLaunceston, and a selection of treats from the well-regarded French patisserie Manu of Invermay. 

Four tasks to become au fait and marshal your energy:

See the photos of the venue and the fare, likely to arrive at the start of November.

Decide whether you may want to supplement la nourriture et les boissons. 

Ask others if they would like to join us – maybe they came to a film event or just have interest in French culture, or want to enjoy a summer (well, almost) picnic.

Join us on Saturday 25 November. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming calendar of 2024 events and activities...

We'd also love to hear from you!

What events, activities, or locations have you loved? What would you like to see more of next year? Or what suggestions do you have for us for new things to try?

Please let us know :) 

Café et Conversation 

Join us for casual French conversations. Everyone is welcome.  Buy a coffee and join the chat. 

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